’tis me

“a freelance photojournalist and documentary photographer who photographs and photo documents social documentary for ngos, humanitarian missions, human rights issues & street. i create photo-stories on various social and contemporary issues.”

like to explore people & cultures by travelling like a traveler; blend in with the locals and learn from them. with an effect to this i have completed a 4 year long photo documentation on the ‘Toto’ tribe found only at the border of West Bengal state of India & Bhutan in a small village called Totopara. now i am in the process of crowdfunding this photo documentation to be published as the first photo book on the ‘Toto’ tribe.

with ‘unboxed mind’ you’ll find random creations of the mind inspired by anything at a tangent- mostly at the spur of the moment (as usual!) and also by true events that life asks one to look into.

ohh yeah! i am a procrastinator-writer (i know this doesn’t sync; still!); taken to writing almost after 15 years; with a lot of push (dunno since how many years) from my partner Priyanka and going back to writing with hands and fingers in a book gifted on my 27th birthday by a dear friend, ‘who came in like a wind and flew out like a bird’. so this is an ode to both…

enjoy reading unboxed mind’ 🙂

Abhijit Alka Anil. Artistic Alias- Eternal Happiness™


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