Kaaloi Jogot Er Alo… (In darkness only resides all light of the world)

there’s something inherently beautiful in Dark.

there’s something in Dark

that gravitates you to it.

there’s coherence in Dark.

there are no variations

no gradations

no layers-

in Dark.


there’s some kind of evenness in Dark.

the same evenness that we are longing for…

the same balance that we are striving for…


to be in Dark

is to be in tranquil.

the tranquility

help us find peace, love.

the same peace, love

that we are itching for.


it is the Light that

disturbs the Dark.

not the other way round.

— Eternal Happiness™

‘Is That You?’

you may be writing on the bluish-white light of instagram

a ‘space’ that provides you to express.

each and every letter, word, sentence

say something more about you.

it is just not the blacks and the greys-

that you fill he bluish- white light of the ig space;

it of course is all in between.

‘understanding’ the space in between the letters

that you draft;

is understanding you.

simply put, ‘that space is you.’

rather ‘that space’ is me.


the pauses that you take,

the spaces that you throw at random,

blank gazes into infinity…

love for horizons, yearning to touch them,

the unsettling thought to know the Eternity-

is you?

— Eternal Happiness™

The need of a budding flower

You are a nice little colourful bud, in the process of becoming a flower; not right now; not quite there; just a start.

‘I will flower you’ would be too egoistic, enough to put me down in the flames of hell.

I have observed you, for quite a while now; equalling to years and said to myself, ‘She is forthcoming even as a small, colourful bud. She will be a great flower of various hues, having a beautiful scent, an aroma that will spread miles across. But she has to be nurtured meticulously by keeping her afloat in pristine waters.’

So the hues of the petals, of the flower to be will reflect it’s true scent; form and colours. Only then she will be an exceptional flower spreading her aroma across arenas.

But is she naive a bud- waiting to e flowered at all?

Yes! she knows she has to flower; but who will nurture her now? Nurture with care and love and empathy. With the same softness and toughness of nature. Not indiscriminately; ‘coz she has been heckled that way before.

‘Now’ is different. No nip in the bud.

Somebody, Someone, Somewhere could do it, must do it.

Yeah it’s compulsion, ‘coz a bud like her can’t stay this for long; shouldn’t stay this for long.

For it might be withered, trampled upon; if plucked for the heck of it and kept on a table to see wether it blooms on it’s own.

Someone must take some pains to nurture the way nature protects the bud while it blooms- ‘soft yet tough’; ‘caring yet protective’; ‘protective yet libertarian’; ‘loving yet resilient’-

To see the bud advance gently, petal by petal; hue by hue; scent by scent…

like nature herself advancing to unravel her deepest; may be darkest secrets?

— Eternal Happiness™.

express please; will you?


Based on true experience.

Prelude-  ‘For a long while I have been expressing myself; my innermost feelings to people, places, things, nature, et al… To my understanding of self, these expressions have been child like- if I loved something I was upright; if I didn’t I was upright; never really cared or bothered what the other person might think or feel… until a few months back when I did it again- opened my innermost feelings to the person; a ‘she’. Not that she never knew; may be that day it was too intense. It’s always different when you speak face-to-face; instead of whats app/ video call/ or even a simple telephonic conversation. The gravity was so much that ‘she’ couldn’t take it; almost on the verge of breaking up a very good companionship. This made me think was I wrong in expressing myself? Was the time wrong? Was the place wrong? I shouldn’t have expressed myself so intensely-eye-to-eye; heart-to-heart…

While I was still trying to find out answers, the image with the words (see below) appeared as another friend’s status message on whats app; a saviour I must emphasise. This gave me immense strength to look into myself to come back.  To the point that these words told me to be me- just me. They said you were not wrong; you were being you; true to yourself and to ‘she’. Even today, the boat of this companionship is on the rocks; trying to face the storm of ‘that intense speak up expression’; trying to be steady- but at snail’s pace…


I will tell you one thing- what come may, speak your mind; don’t clog your emotions whether good/ bad/ love/ hatred… don’t think what will the other person think; don’t allow anything, anything at all to come in way of your emotions. Simply because, your emotions= YOU!

Expressing yourself to the person in front of you will let the person know your feelings about her/ him. This will help in a transparent relationship with those around you and of course with yourself. You will never ever feel that you have cheated on someone just by not expressing the true emotions or by hiding them or faking them. This essentially means having a two faced personality. (not split personality) Thinking something else, talking something else and behaving totally different. These hiding/ faking of emotions might give you a temporary relief; but once the other person finds out it will almost be the end of the relationship; a ‘super’ emotional trauma for both. There is always high chance that the person is going to come to know what your true emotions are; so might as well speak it out before. Primarily check your emotions; let them be honest for yourself first; test them for yourself; hold them accountable; if you see consistency- go for it. Express, Express Express!!! It will not only help in releasing the emotional stress that you are carrying; it will help you to understand yourself deeper, you will reach the core of your own being- the SOUL! Only because you have tried to understand your emotions well enough to express them.

In the words written below, ‘Expressing someone how special they mean to you might make you vulnerable; it might endanger your identity as a human when you strip down to your naked, raw emotions and express them and behave accordingly.’ True! but then what’s the point in holding up? What’s the point in desensitising yourself? What are you trying to show by holding up your emotions? Nothing but EGO!! Not holding; but expressing your love or hatred or liking or inspiration needs courage.

It’s not easy you might say. True, of course it is not. Having expressed for some decades now, I agree it is not easy. You pay a huge price for expressing yourself- parents, family, relatives, friends, everyone gets pulled up just because you have opened up your honest; raw feelings to them directly. For you? Your innermost human being gets torn apart like two opposite poles pulling your body, mind and heart from ‘their respective’ ends. I will emphasise- ‘nevertheless stick to it’. It will tear you apart, you will start questioning yourself- and that’s the point. You come to you! Your you will say, ‘Hats off to your courage! You are one single faced persona who thinks, talks and behaves just same- no three different tracks!’ If things have gone haywire after expressing, may be it is the other person who couldn’t take that naked raw emotion; which at first you have tested it on your level. And that’s okay too. Both of you can talk it out and sort amicably.

You might now ask a pertinent question what if I have a sexual liking or a lusty thought about a person of the opposite sex. The answer is simple- you two must have been spending quite a while together to understand that sexual emotion has popped up. Again test it well for yourself- take some time off to understand it well; call the person and rattle it off- in person! I’m sure any sane human will understand it and will together find a solution to it. For this, one doesn’t have to break the relationship just because one is feeling lusty about the other. Think well, talk it out positively, no need to get fried just because there is sexual content involved in emotions. It is human tendency and it’s okay to feel sexual for someone- talking it out; expressing it at least will let the other person know your true feelings and you will be out of any guilt.

Say sorry even if you are angry on a person; it tones your personality; it keeps you humble. You can say, ‘I am super angry on you; but I have made a mistake and so I am saying sorry.’  Just don’t say sorry; work towards  your sorry for a positive solution  as well. Say Love You’; ‘I Miss You’ even if you are angry- it will help heal the relationship sooner. I understand it is difficult, almost impossible; I can say it confidently because I have done it. Mind you- it helps; it helps real good.

There is a very high possibility that people might call you over emotional and over sensitive. But isn’t this is actually required in this super fast techno savvy app world? To be emotional enough to reach out? To lend a hand of help? Why do you think the world is running; not because one human is not thinking about the other; but because both are thinking for each other equally well; caring equally well; expressing equally well; loving equally well…

Post Script- ‘If you are loving a beautiful sunrise or a sunset let the sunrise or the sunset know it is beautiful. If you are loving a scent of a beautiful flower; let the flower know it’s scent has mesmerised you; tell that shirt/ pant/ jeans/ top/ whatever… you loved it therefore you are wearing it! If you are feeling awed (positively) at a particular colour that nature is throwing at you in the form of skies/ clouds/ flower/ wild/ anything; anything at all; talk to it; let it know you are super awed and thank it for making you feel good. Maybe you had a hard day or you are having tough months and nature gave you this to cheer you up for that time- express it; express it wholeheartedly and it will come back to you in exponential; it’s simple physics- nothing else.’ The same applies to humans and animals too!

What is Expression – it’s Giving! You are giving your heart, mind and soul through a particular form of expression to someone and/ or something. So give generously; why hold on? Why ego?

— Eternal Happiness™.


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